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What we do Change Management


Most Programme & Projects experts recognise that effective Change Management is essential to the success of any Change. We know that successful Change Management starts when the Programme or Project starts. With our considerable Change experience we help organisations understand the Change Management needs from beginning:

  • High Level Conceptual Solution Design
  • Initial Impact Analysis
  • Initial Change Readiness Assessment
  • Management of Sensitive Changes
  • Engaging & Enlisting Stakeholders
  • Initial Communications
  • Initiation Change Tactics


Change Management is something that must be done at every stage of a Programme or Project and involves everyone participating in the Change from the Sponsor to shop floor. We help organisations to use the right approaches, methods and techniques to manage the people aspect of any Change including:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Communications
  • Change Management Tactics
  • Managing Feedback
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Engaging the Business
  • Tailoring Solution Design
  • Customising Implementation


We can review any existing Programme or Project to assess if:

  • Detailed impacts are fully understood
  • Business is ready for the Change
  • People are prepared to implement the Change
  • Likely problems and risks to delivering Change

Based on our findings we will provide advice and options to resolve any potential risks to the success of the Project.

Training & Upskilling

We believe every successful organisation needs excellent Programme and Change Management skills. To support our clients to improve their internal capabilities we offer a range of practical training workshops.

Find out more information about our training services.

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