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What we do Solution Design


Re-engineering can be done top down (i.e. Outsourcing, Organisation Redesign, Systems Alignment, etc) or focus on Process only.

We have considerable expertise in supporting organisations to Re-engineer including large scale Transformational Change including:

  • Developing & Evaluating Re-engineering Options
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Engaging & Enlisting Stakeholders
  • Assessment of 3rd Party Capabilities
  • Programme Design (link to service)

Business Architecture

Many organisations understand the value of Business Architecture but often the development is considered expensive and the benefits are difficult to quantify.

We understand there is value in developing a Business Architecture but it should be done by internal teams and is an organisational knowledge base that is developed over time.

We have pragmatic business models that everyone can use and understand and provide structures that allow the analysts to develop the detailed architecture as they design solutions and make changes to the organisation.

Designing for Efficiency

All organisations aim to deliver their services and products in the most efficient way possible. With our considerable Business Process Re-engineering experience we can support organisations to re-engineer processes, systems and organisation top down to deliver best services and products at lowest costs.

  • Setting Business Process Re-engineering Targets
  • Defining Business Rules
  • Designing Process Architecture
  • Sub Process Mapping
  • Training the Business to develop Detailed Processes & Procedures
  • Maintaining Design Integrity
  • Standards & Documentation
  • Maintaining Process Documentation
  • Realising Benefits

The bulk of any Process Re-engineering is the detailed mapping and we have training and toolkits to train the business to develop this level of detail.

Design Assurance

Maintaining the integrity of Solution Design particularly for large and complex Programme or Projects throughout the Change Lifecycle is critical to the overall success.

We provide an external Design Assurance to any Programme or Project to ensure the Solution Design and Programme remain aligned to original Objectives and Benefits.

We do this by working with Analysts, Technology Specialists and 3rd Parties to review the detailed Solution Design and ensure any changes do not compromise the original intent.

Organisation Design

Organisations continually change processes and systems, services and products and the organisation must adapt.

We work with our clients to understand how changes will affect their processes, systems and workforce to understand how their organisation needs to be structured.

  • Understanding Organisation Impacts
  • Developing Optional Models
  • Assigning Functional Responsibilities
  • Forming & Defining Roles
  • Skills & Job Level Assessment
  • Communications

System Requirements

Changes to processes and organisation often result in Changes to systems. As part of our Solution Design services we develop the business Systems Requirement Statements using any templates our clients prefer.


As experts in Solution Design we review Solution Design at any stage of a Programme or Project and provide advice on risks, issues, design conflicts and potential implementation problems.

Training & Upskilling

We believe every successful organisation needs excellent Programme and Change Management skills. To support our clients to improve their internal capabilities we offer a range of practical training workshops.

For more information about our training services

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